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Sonic Reinvented With A Boom!

Sonic returns with a whole new look, game, animated series and developer in Sega’s second go in their partnership with Nintendo. This week SEGA

Great Games to Play in Short Bursts

Finding Five Minutes of Peace in Gaming When it comes to video games, not everybody can spare the time it takes to save the

Sonic Lost World: Color Powers Trailer

Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog in Sonic Lost World: Color Powers! You know that phase in life where some people experiment with who they are

Nintendo Direct Abridged… Finally

Matt Lees’ take on Nintendo Direct That cheeky little Brit, Matt Lees, from VideoGamer is back at it.  This time, he’s sharing the love

Super Smash Brothers: E3 2013 Trailer

After the long wait, we get two Smash Brothers. Earlier this morning Nintendo during the last bit of their online “Nintendo Direct” shared both

Wii U and 3DS: 3rd Party Release Teaser

A Few Gems Coming to Wii U Wii U’s third party support isn’t nearly as robust as we’d hoped for, but it’s not all bad

Nintendo 3DS: Pokémon X and Y Hit in October

Nintendo’s Pokémon Live On, Evolve Again Okay, so I’m running a little late this morning. All the excitement of last night kept me up

New Zelda Games for 3DS

Nintendo Releases Details on “Link”ed Zelda Games – Zelda Oracle of Ages and Zelda Oracle of Seasons During yesterday’s May Nintendo update, new information was

Nintendo Direct Announcements

Nintendo Direct – Sonic, Mario, and More Exciting News! This morning Nintendo Direct released a half hour live streaming press release.  Check it out:
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