Xbox One gets new round of Beta Updates

So far after these updates I've noticed some slight improvements with the Kinect's voice command and facial recognition. The recent update also improves the

Signups for Titanfall Beta are Live!

Respawn wants you, yes you. Titanfall Beta signups now! Today marks the beginning for Titanfall Beta signups, for both Xbox ONE and PC. Click

Alien: Isolation Trailers

Neat trailer for Alien: Isolation Forget what you may know of SEGA’s previous Alien attempt with Colonial Marines, just burn those memories with the

Sonic Reinvented With A Boom!

Sonic returns with a whole new look, game, animated series and developer in Sega’s second go in their partnership with Nintendo. This week SEGA

Titanfall: Battle Begins Trailer (In French)

Looks like GamesHQMedia, and France, got the latest trailer early.  See the newest trailer for Titanfall: Battle Begins and practice your French! Source: GamesHQMedia

Editorial Review: Why I Returned My Xbox One

Or Why You Should Never Buy a Console at Launch I was fairly excited about preordering my Xbox One system. Like many others, I

When Hacking and Gaming Collide

Imagine logging into your favorite game only to find your character standing there, all but naked. All of your hard-earned loot – gone. Your

Gamestop Black Friday Starts Today

Gamestop is offering their Black Friday deals TODAY! If you need a bit of a break from your family, check out Gamestop Black Friday:

Blackwell Deception FREE GAME Today

Wadjet Eye is offering Blackwell Deception totally free through Friday, Nov. 1 at 11:59pm Eastern.  From the press release: About the Blackwell Mystery Series
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